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Swimming and sun-bathing:
The seawater in Skrivena Luka bay is crystal-clear and clean, ideal for swimming. Sun-bathing on the apartments´ terrace, or by the sea, can be enjoyed for long hours, as terrace and seashore are pointing toward the south.

Exploring the sae

The sea surface within the Skrivena Luka bay is usually calm in the mornings. In the afternoons, the Mistral wind begins to blow. The bay is large enough to accommodate beginners, as well as skillful surfers.

Walking & jogging:
There is a road all around Skrivena Luka bay (more than 4 km in length), perfect for quiet walking and jogging. You will enjoy clean, fresh air and beautiful view on the bay.

All roads on the Lastovo Island are ideal for bicycling, as traffic is very light. Asphalt roads are connecting Ubli (the main port) with Lastovo village (10 km), Lastovo with Skrivena Luka bay (7 km), Lastovo with Zaklopatica bay (3 km), Ubli with Pasadur (3 km), Lastovo with Prgovo Polje (4 km), etc.

Among several restaurants on the Island, we recommend Porto Rosso here at Skrivena Luka bay and restaurant "Bačvara" in Lastovo, both known for excellent cuisine (especially seafood) and exceptional domestic wine.

Entertainment for youngsters:
Discotheque at Pasadur, café-bar in Saint Mihovil, etc.

You can further explore the beauties of Lastovo with a boat, a bike or a scooter which you can rent from numerous renters. For our guests we have canoes available for renting right here at Apartments Klara. If you want to explore small islands in the archipelago of Lastovo, there are organized excursions available (Saplun, Palagruža). If you want to explore the sea depths of Lastovo island, visit diving center located at Pasadur. You can buy domestic olive oil, brandy and local wine, fresh fish directly from the fishermen. During Summers, there are many music events and folklore evenings where the traditional Dance of Lastovo's Pokladari is performed.

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